The Dark Knight Season Seven is the seventh season of The Dark Knight. It deals with the aftermath of the Lian Yu explosion, and The Bat Family will be going up against a cabal of villains led by the mysterious Hush, and Cayden James who force Bruce to reconsider his relationship with his"family".

Created by Greg Berlanti and Christopher Nolan.

It aired during 2019-2020



  • Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne / Batman- 23/23
  • Blake Lively as Selina Kyle / Black Cat- 18/23
  • David Ramsey as Lucius Fox / Batwing- 23/23
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth / Outsider / Batman- 17/23
  • Melissa Benoist as Barbara Gordon / Oracle- 23/23
  • Nadji Jeter as David Zavimbe- 16/23 (New Character)
  • Tristan Wilds as Duke Thomas / Lark- 22/23
  • Juliana Harkavy as Holly Robinson / Catwoman- 23/23
  • Paul Blackthorne as James Kyle- 19/23
  • Colton Haynes as Dick Grayson / Target- 21/23


  • Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke- 11/23
  • Jack Moore as Jason Madison- 15/23
  • David Nykl as Anatoly Knyasev- 5/23
  • Kacey Rohl as Katrina- 5/23
  • Tom Pelphrey as Thomas Elliot / Hush- 14/23
  • Christoph Waltz as Roman Sionis / Black Mask- 8/23
  • Julian Richings as Cayden James- 13/23
  • Shemar Moore as Richard Dragon- 4/23
  • Rutina Wesley as F.B.I agent Alexandra Davis- 11/23
  • Paris Berelc as Cassandra Cain / Bat-Girl- 20/23
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Virgil Hawkins / Static Shock- 21/23
  • Jai Courtney as Victor Sage / The Question- 3/23
  • Blair Underwood as Steven Mandorgora- 2/23
  • Jessica De Gouw as Helena Bertineli / The Huntress- 6/23
  • Garret Hedlund as Jim Corrigan / The Spectre- 2/23
  • Josh Stewart as Detective Michael Adkins- 12/23
  • Morris Chesnut as Lt. Crispus Allen- 9/23
  • Jessica Stroup as Vicki Vale- 8/23
  • Vinnie Jones as Bane / Antonio Diego- 5/23
  • Peter Stomare as Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow- 5/23
  • Stefanie Scott as Carrie Kelly / Cheshire- 8/23
  • Nicholas Hoult as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman- 1/23
  • Rose Leslie as Lois Lane-Kent- 1/23
  • Anna Kendrick as Lana Lang- 1/23
  • Emile Hirsch as Time Remnant Julian Dorn- 1/23
  • Gemma Arterton as Princess Diana / Diana Prince / Wonder Woman- 1/23
  • Hayley Atwell as Ava Prince- 1/23
  • Tyler Hoechlin as H'el / Harold Kleis / Wonder Man- 1/23
  • Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer / The Atom- 1/23
  • Caity Lotz as Sara Kyle / White Cat- 1/23
  • Megalyn Eckikunwoke as Mari McCabe-Palmer / Vixen- 1/23
  • Wentworth Miller as Alex Trent- 1/23
  • Josh Holloway as Earth-19 Oliver Queen / Green Arrow- 1/23
  • Olivia Munn as Talia Head / Talia Al Ghul- 4/23
  • Lexa Doig as Nyssa Raatko- 6/23
  • Amy Gumenick as Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn- 1/23
  • Al Leong as Nobu- 1/23
  • David Mazouz as Young Bruce Wayne- 1/23
  • Michael Douglas as Rupert Thorne

Confirmed Plot Points

  • Selina Kyle / Black Cat's backstory will be expanded upon.
  • Garret Hedlund has announced that he will be returning as Jim Corrigan / The Spectre for two episodes.
  • By the end of the season, Bruce Wayne will be elected President.


  1. "Revelations"- After the suicide of Lincoln March, and the explosions happening on Lian Yu, Bruce and his illegitimate son Jason arrive to the scene to search for survivors. Jason is worried about his mother and Bruce reassures him that everything will be alright while apologizing to Jason for not being there for him due to all those times that Jason needed him.They find Slade, Talia, Barbara, Dick, and Holly, who survived by escaping on the A.R.G.U.S boat thanks to Lena , who arrived on the scene at the right moment before the explosion after learning that her husband was kidnapped. They reveal that Julie fled from the group to go find Jason which is why Lucius, Duke, James, Curtis, and Alfred went looking for her. They find Lucius, Duke, and Alfred trapped in the catacombs along with Black Cat. They went looking for Julie until they encountered Black Cat and ended up trapped in the catacombs while pursuing her. The Bat Family concluded that Carrie Kelly, William Dent, Winslow Schott, Julie Madison, Curtis Holt, and Nyssa Raatko's cult members all died in the explosion. Lucius is seriously injured with a back injury, while Alfred is in a coma as a result of the explosion. Jason is devastated when he sees his mother's corpse on the island. Afterward, Lena takes everyone back to Gotham City , Slade decides to leave the city to live a normal life, with Lena promising to help him save his son for helping Lucius. Selina somehow gives them the slip and takes off due to taking out her prison guards, and Talia leaves to find Nyssa to ensure she doesn't continue to try to avenge their father's death at the hands of Bruce. Bruce then takes Jason into his custody so he can raise him. Four Months after everything that has occurred, Bruce continues being the COO of Wayne Enterprises while leading his team as his heroic alter ego the Batman while being a parent to Jason, who has been quiet and reclusive due to his mother's unfortunate demise. Bruce contemplates going back to killing, however, he decides not to because if he does, then Lincoln would have won in the end. There has been a recent change in Bruce's personality in which he becomes more socially conscious both as himself and Batman while Jason considers him to be the bad man due to Lincoln having told Jason about how Bruce killed his foster father Franklin Claybourne and due to the nightmares he's been having about everything that happened. Jason even blames Bruce for his mother's death which makes Bruce feel guilty about everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Lucius is hospitalized with serious injuries forcing him to retire as Batwing while Alfred is still comatose but is stable. James continues serving as Bruce's deputy COO, however, he is still haunted by the encounter with Selina and that he feels responsible for her becoming Black Cat as the darkness was always inside her bottled up. The Bat Family is now only consistent of Holly who has become Bruce's right-hand woman in Lucius' absence, Dick became a new vigilante, in order to honor Thea. Donning an all new suit and Duke who fills in for Alfred. Holly has also been tracking Selina and is intent on bringing her back to A.R.G.U.S. custody so she doesn’t ruin her legacy. Selina herself, now directionless without Bizarro or Owl Man, has been drifting but sticking close to Gotham City and committing several crimes to stay alive but has also exposed herself to the public several times now as a member of Black Mask's gang. For the last couple of months, a criminal named Ricardo Diaz / Richard Dragon has filled the vacuum left by Tobias Whale as Gotham City's criminal kingpin and has been committing several acts of murderer and theft which is why board member Matthew Bland (John Lithgow), is using this as an excuse to run for Vice- President to ensure that he can take over as President against Bruce, saying that the Wayne Administration hasn't done anything to save this city. Bruce investigates Bland as the Batman suspecting that he supplies Richard Dragon with weapons. As Batman, Bruce defeats all of Bland's thugs and fights a new vigilante called Taskmaster before he escapes, and manages to save Sin, whom Bland had been stalking. Sin is revealed to have been staying with Selina for the past couple of months. Things get more complicated when Dragon encounters Black Cat and offers her a place in his gang and she agrees. Quickly trying to become the chain of authority in the group. Selina becomes Dragon’s right-hand woman and having her on his side evens the odds with Holly, who goes as Catwoman to confront her. Lucius  soon recovers from his injuries enough to leave the hospital but when he tries to go back into the field as Batwing during a mission to stop Dragon, he is almost killed by him and Bruce persuades Lucius to take a break from the team until he is fully healed up after this caused Dick to get injured during the fight. He and Barbara start helping Bruce with raising Jason  taking some of the pressure off of him and decides to start consulting more on A.R.G.U.S. missions with Lena. Meanwhile, Holly still struggles to fill the shoes of Selina's legacy and doesn’t fully believe she deserves it despite James' encouragement. Barbara struggles to grieve on Curtis' death feeling that she is responsible that he died, but Bruce gives her advice saying to not blame herself for anything and that it was his fault what happened on Lian Yu because Owl Man would have never been created, had Bruce not killed Franklin Claybourne. After several encounters Dragon uses Black Cat to lure Batman  into an underground tunnel but abandons her and sets off the explosives intent on killing them both. However they survive this and Selina focused on getting revenge but knowing that she can't do it alone,  reluctantly allies with The Bat Family and gives them all of the information on Dragon. While they wait for the measures to find Dragon at the Batcave, Selina makes everyone uncomfortable considering her aid in Lincoln's agenda, taunting Barbara about her relationship with Bruce and how Curtis is dead and looks at Holly with disdain while sarcastically calling James "dad" just to annoy him. Eventually they get a lead and The Bat Family takes Dragon by surprise and disrupts his operations as Batman confronts him in a final fight and Dragon tells him he served in the League of Assassins, but Batman emerges victorious with help from Holly, Duke, and Dick. Black Cat attempts to kill him but the team holds her back as she then decides to flee before they call A.R.G.U.S. After Dragon’s defeat, the police arrest him as Bruce goes back home to spend time with Jason, playing a video game with him. Slade visits Bruce at the hospital and tells him that he is traveling to Calgary to find his son, advising him to choose between vigilantism and Jason. While Bruce is cooking dinner for Barbara, she begins watching the news and is shocked and tells Bruce to come. Bruce and Barbara look on as pictures of Bruce wearing the Batman suit  leak to the media. In the end, a pastor goes to his penthouse along with a prostitute in order to have relations with her, but a masked vigilante calling himself "Hush" breaks in, and slits his throat killing him instantly as the prostitute screams in horror.
  2. "Nothing Is The Same"- Bruce publicly denies being the Batman , facing an investigation by FBI agent Alexandra Davis along with Jason's concerns that he'll lose the only parent he has left. Black Cat and her men initiate a crime war and begin killing various members of gangs. She then kidnaps one of Rupert Thorne's most valuable gang member. Believing Selina leaked the photo, Barbara and John Irons work on discrediting it while tracking the hostages, three of whom The Bat Family save. During the mission, Black Cat arrives and almost kills a member of the Red Fists. Rupert manages to escape, which further angers Selina. Barbara provides Bruce with information about the Red Fists and learn that Black Cat once worked with Thorne but Selina really infiltrated it so she can take over and believed that Thorne should be dead. Meanwhile, an undercover cop named Vincent Arrazio is murdered while infiltrating the Red Fists witnessed by street urchin Virgil Hawkins (Tyrel Jackson Williams), who is forced to work with the Red Fists or Thorne will harm his sick father and that his abilities are useful. Kyle makes it his top priority to bring down the Red Fists member Yuri Dimitrov, who ordered the hit on Arrazio. Thomas Elliot (Tom Pelphrey), returns to Gotham City after the anniversary of his parents deaths. He then decides to fund Bruce's campaign for Vice President. Kyle gets his revenge on Dimitrov by exposing his corruption at a martial arts gym he owns in front of his clients. Kyle even gets warrants to search the place and Holly becomes smitten with martial arts instructor Desmond Lamarr, who gives him her number. Kyle continues to use the law to harass Dimitrov, however, a group of renegade police officers led by Flass and new detective Michael Adkins and has him kidnapped. Before Dimitrov could kill James, his men are all killed by Flass and the ACU forcing Dimitrov to surrender. Later, Thorne sends the remnants of his gang and Virgil to take down the Black Cat, which leads to an all out war in the city. Catwoman has a battle against Black Cat once again, but Holly lets her guard down and is knocked out by Selina's enhanced sonic meow and Selina escapes. Batman takes down members of the Red Fists gang, and tells Virgil that he should make a better choice not to throw his life away, since he believes that Virgil is meant to do better things in life. Batman and Virgil defeat the last few members of the gang, as Bruce knocks out Thorne. Later, Bruce persuades Virgil to train and to learn how to use his powers as a member of The Bat Family. Virgil accepts the offer, and has Lucius and Dick train him. Selina reveals to Bruce that she didn't leak the photo , for which the media acquires evidence from an "anonymous source" that is fake. However, Davis tells Bruce that she will continue investigating him. A wealthy woman gets inside of her limo who drives off to take her home. She doses off and wakes up seeing her body guards dead in the seats. She then notices that the driver passed her house, and tries to alert the driver. Hush turns around which startles her. Hush then strangles her to death but not before he eerily says "Hush".
  3. "Terror In The Sky"- It starts with Batman in a major fight with Man-Bat, who continuously attacks Bruce pinning him and throwing him against the wall. Clearly injured, Bruce grabs his side and Man-Bat slams him against the wall nearly killing him. Man-Bat then flies off, before Bruce tells the team that they have a problem. 48 hours before, The Bat Family along with Virgil successfully arrest a member of Black Mask's gang, with help from a mysterious female vigilante but Virgil continues to be cocky in the field which Dick and Lucius try to teach him about team work.. Wayne Enterprises  begins drafting a tighter anti-vigilante bill. Meanwhile, a scientist named Kirk Langstrom walks into his lab and begins shaking. Another one of his lab partners Dr. Pershing asks if he is okay, but Kirk continues to talk frantically about his super serum. Dr. Pershing and a few other scientists walk up to him slowly. Kirk then attacks them as he reveals his mutated hand and brutally murders every scientist. He then steals the vial of his serum and destroys the camera. Holly and the GCPD investigate the scene of the crime, and interviews an intern scientist named David Zavimbe (Nadji Jeter), who was revealed to have witnessed Kirk murder everyone and he noticed that Kirk had enhanced speed and strength. He also mentions that Kirk was looking for a mysterious compound. Bruce decides to go alone as the Batman and heads to the lab investigating the secret serum Kirk created, and interrogates one of the lead scientists for information. He reveals that Kirk created the serum to cure his wife's disease and decided to test it on himself. Bruce delivers the evidence to Barbara and she tries to track him down. Later, Barbara tracks down a location and Bruce suits up as Batman and leads the team to the location, while Virgil stays behind. Batman and Target go to the same room, and Catwoman and Lark stand guard outside managing to take out some guards. Man-Bat then arrives and knocks out Target, injuring him badly as Batman engages Man-Bat in hand to hand combat. In the major fight, Man-Bat continuously attacks Bruce pinning him and throwing him against the wall. Clearly injured, Bruce grabs his side and Man-Bat slams him against the wall nearly killing him. Man-Bat then flies off, before Bruce tells the team that they have a problem. Bruce feels responsible when Dick has serious injuries, and realizes that he could have died tonight even when he promised Jason that he wouldn't and would always come home. Man-Bat morphs back into his normal self, and decides that the only way his wife will get cured, is if he kills Dr. Sophia Hall the woman who told Kirk that the serum wasn't legal, and that it wouldn't work. Kirk creates his own army, and attacks her corporation. Lena decides to work with Bruce and his team and has A.R.G.U.S agents go to the building. Dr. Hall is nearly killed, until Batman and his team rescue her as Batman tells her to run. The team engage the mutated citizens, while Lucius, and Lena use a sonic weapon to weaken Man-Bat. He is then stunned, as A.R.G.U.S continue firing their weapons at Man-Bat. Batman sneaks behind him, shooting him with an antidote batterang which causes him to revert back to normal. Later, Kirk is taken to an A.R.G.U.S prison, and Bruce promises that he will find a way to cure his wife. In the end, Bruce announces to the team his decision to quit being the Batman realizing that he could have died facing Man-Bat and doesn't want Jason to be an orphan. Bruce, Barbara, Lucius and Jason head to the Hospital to talk to the doctor about Lucius' injury, however another doctor runs in and tells Bruce to come quick. They enter Alfred's room as thy see him finally awake. As Bruce, tearfully embraces him in a hug. Alexandra Davis is revealed to be connecting the dots of who is apart of Bruce's team showing Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, Duke Thomas, Holy Robinson, and Lucius Fox. In a Flashfoward to eight years in 2027, a 41 year old Bruce Wayne has been abandoned by his team and has been continuing as the Batman alone. Bruce decides to train Jason to be a vigilante knowing that he can't protect Gotham City forever, all while going up against a returning Oswald Cobblepott who has taken over Gotham City as a king pin.
  4. "Rescinding"- Bruce and the team spend the day visiting Alfred, who has woken up from his coma. Alfred then asks Dr. Schwartz if she can check him out of the hospital, but she wants him to stay and rest. Alfred doesn't listen to her and asks Bruce to sign him out. Meanwhile, Black Cat  begins killing seemingly unimportant individuals while Barbara is approached by Katrina, who tells her that Cayden James is planning something with hundreds of millions of casualties worldwide. They meet black market dealer "Amnesiac" to buy a "ghost drive". Feeling concerned, Bruce intervenes and attacks the thugs, angering Barbara , who steals the drive. Learning that Bruce has quit being Batman, Alfred decides to take up the mantle as the Batman tracking Black Cat with The Bat Family  to the Helix facility, with the former revealed to be working for James and criminal Celia Kazantkakis AKA Athena, who tasks his men to kill Barbara, and Katrina who is critically shot during the rescue by The Bat Family. Barbara  learns that James has stolen the victims' fingerprints, necessary to enter the International Domain Name Directory (IDND), the global internet infrastructure. Believing that James intends to destroy the internet, The Bat Family attacks his party along with the female vigilante at the IDND, where Barbara manages to breach through the firewall to stop James' apparent attack. She adds David  for her startup, calling it Gordon Tech and intending to mass produce her spinal implant. James is revealed to have intentionally lured Barbara  into breaking the firewall so that he can have secret access and cover his tracks. He provides Black Cat  with a device to stop tracking by Barbara. The Question returns to Gotham City and kills a Cuban criminal who worked as a member for Edward Nygma's gang, which is revealed to be his target. The Question then takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Victor Sage. In Flashfowards, Lucius returns to Gotham City, after it was revealed that he had Luke and Lena move to Bludhaven since Lena wanted to live a normal life. He asks if Bruce could work with him to go after an old friend of his named Frank Sixty who broke out of prison. Lucius decides return to being Batwing temporarily and together, Batman and Batwing take down multiple thugs. The duo then manage to stop Sixty, and he is delivered to A.R.G.U.S.
  5. "The Question Returns"- Whilst investigating Arms Dealer and Wayne Enterprises board member Matthew Bland  at his casino, The Amazon , the witnesses as Bland  is confronted by a man in a green hood, who Barbara identifies as Edward Nygma AKA The Riddler,who has returned to Gotham City to complete an old score.  As Riddler and his men take over the casino, Alfred informs Crispus Allen, and the team suits up. The Bat Family return and prepares a plan of attack and confronts the Riddler and his men. After subduing the henchmen including Riddler's second-in-command Eli Knable, he orders Kyle to attack and confronts Riddler. After a fierce battle, Riddler escapes by destroying the supports of a statue forcing Batman to let him leave to save Allen and Bland, and leaves a puzzle box. Meanwhile, Bruce continues to get votes to become the next Vice President with help from Eliot and he goes to James for advice when he begins to think that Agent Davis is too close to finding out everyone's identity on the team, even threatening to use Jason in the case. After Batman retrieves the Riddler's puzzle box, he and Allen talk about the Riddler and the attack on the casino. The team takes it to the Batcave to encrypt it, but neither Barbara or David could determine what the box is. Alfred and Barbara personally deliver it to John so he can solve the riddle with them. John hides the box in his office, while two FBI agents confront Alfred on the Batman's whereabouts, with Agent Davis saying that Batman has someone else wearing the cowl, but Alfred acts like he doesn't know what she's talking about. As Bland leaves the Hospital, his goons are murdered by The Question who realizes that Sal Maroni is involved, and interrogates him for answers before killing him brutally. An alarm goes off with John calling Alfred saying that the box is a bomb, and as Alfred and Barbara try to rush to his room it explodes killing John instantly, which devastates Barbara. Bruce arrives, and is shocked to hear that John was killed, and comforts Barbara as she cries. Holly obtains evidence that the Question was involved in the murder of Matthew Bland, so Alfred tells The Bat Family to track down The Question. Tracking him down, Catwoman, Lark, Target, and Virgil manage to take down Question's target, Catwoman then uses her sonic meow to subdue him. As Question gets up, he surrenders and takes off his mask revealing to Victor Sage. He is taken to the Batcave, where Alfred interrogates him for information on why he willingly killed people just for his own crusade. Victor tells them that it isn't important and that they need to stop Edward Nygma. Alfred visits Bruce, who is still reeling from John's death and reveals The Question's identity which shocks Bruce. Alfred tells Bruce that he might not want to work with a known criminal, but Bruce reminds Alfred that he covered for him when his own MI5 leader, set him up. Alfred later decides to trust Victor, and Barbara finds a location of The Riddler's hangout. The Bat Family, along with the Question, and female vigilante take down several of Riddler's men as they engage in a clashing fight. Batman savagely defeats Maroni, while the team take down his men. Later, The Question fights Riddler, and easily defeats him. He then savagely beats up Riddler, and throws him down revealing that he doesn't want to kill him. Batman and the team arrive, and try to arrest him but an unknown shooter shoots Riddler in the head as he dies. Later, the female vigilante reveals herself to be Cassandra Cain and asks Alfred if she could join the team, which is allowed by Bruce. Victor prepares to leave Gotham City for a better life, saying that he only has reminders of the past and Bruce watches as he leaves. In the end, Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), arrives at Bruce's home and tells him and Barbara that he needs help to find his son Joe Wilson, ending in a cliffhanger. In Flashbacks to 2013, Victor Sage was an amazing father of two daughters, and a great husband to his wife Laura. A killer known as Arby Twain decides to kill Victor's family, right in front of him. But, Arby escapes. Later, Victor watches the news about The Dark Knight killing his father Franklin Claybourne, which made him want to become a vigilante just like him. Donning a ski mask, Victor kills all of the associates, and murders Arby by shooting him in the throat now calling himself The Question.
  6. "Welcome Back"- Slade asks Bruce  to help him find his son, who's being held in jail. The two meet up with an old acquaintance of Slade, who provides them with the information they need. But, it turns out that the agent was from A.R.G.U.S and Slade murders them all during an ambush which shocks Bruce. Bruce then refuses to help Slade, saying that he'll always just be Deathstroke revealing that he still blames him for killing his mother. Slade then says "don't walk away, kid" with Bruce deciding to walk away. Slade is revealed to be working with Helix, and Cayden James claims that the group who knows Joe's whereabouts are located in Gotham City. As Deathstroke, he leads Helix killing various Jackals members. Holly struggles to prevent a politician from a sniper attack by Taskmaster , as the politician supports the Anti-vigilante bill. Holly goes after him as Catwoman and engages him in a major confrontation. He then easily subdues her and escapes. Later, Alfred gets a lead on Deathstroke's recent appearance in Gotham City, and leads the team to fight Helix with Batman and Deathstroke fighting. The Bat Family and Helix both clash each other as, Virgil and Cassandra save the hostages. Deathstroke subdues Alfred, and nearly kills him until Bruce wearing a ski mask arrives taking out a few Helix members and points a gun at Slade, ordering for him to let Alfred go. Deathstroke escapes, and throws a non lethal gas bomb. Later, Bruce announces to Barbara that he'd rather help Slade find Joe instead of risk Gotham City's safety knowing how unpredictable he is. Bruce calls Slade and announces his intentions to go to Calgary with him to rescue Joe. Bruce tells Jason that he won't be back for awhile, and that he is going to help an old friend. Barbara shows Virgil and Cassandra their new costumes, with Virgil naming his vigilante alter-ego Static Shock, while Cassandra coins the name Bat-Girl. Flashbacks reveal how Joseph was the youngest son of Slade and Adeline. Joseph was then kidnapped by the terrorist Jackal, sent by the Quarac president for killing an important colonel, in an effort to obtain information from his father on Australia. Slade refused to cooperate with Jackal, out of loyalty to his country, and tries to rescue Joseph by betting on his speed. Slade rescued Joseph, however, Adeline divorced Slade and took her sons with him. Slade's son Grant, who had fled from his mother after the divorce, is then hired by Wade to take out his own father. However, the genetic modifications that Wade made to Grant led to his heart giving out during the fight
  7. "Promises Kept"- When Bruce and Slade get to the prison, Slade instructs Bruce to find his son, Joe, then get him out of there, as he knows Joe will not want to see him, despite Bruce's objections. Slade engages the security, known as the Jackals, in combat, where he discovers his acquaintance is actually a member of them. When Slade demands they release Joe, he reveals it's not that easy as their boss is Joe himself. Slade and Bruce continue to try and persuade Joe to leave with them, but Joe refuses, claiming that he had seen his father kill someone before he had been influenced by Mirakuru. Slade tries to explain that it was a paid hit, but Joe refuses to forgive him, stating that learning who his father truly was led him down this path. Joe and Slade end up fighting until Bruce steps in, taking down the soldiers. Joe escapes but not before revealing that Grant is still alive and that his mother has kept him a secret. Slade tells Bruce he will continue to try and find both of his sons, but advises Bruce that he go back to his, not wanting Bruce to make the same mistakes he made. Slade tracks down and kills Wade Defarge. Meanwhile, The Bat Family go up against an assassin known as Lady Shiva, who leads her assassins to kill a former member of her ranks. Cassandra engages Lady Shiva in a battle, and manages to knock off her face mask. Bat-Girl is shocked to discover that Shiva is really her mother Mei, and that she wants vengeance for her sisters death. Shiva escapes and Cassandra reveals to the team and Alfred that Lady Shiva is her mother. Lady Shiva kidnaps Cassandra, and takes her to an abandoned warehouse revealed to be her hideout. Barbara tracks their location, with help from Lena using her A.R.G.U.S connections. The Bat Family and A.R.G.U.S clash with Lady Shiva's assassins, as Batman fights Shiva in a major confrontation. Static Shock, Catwoman, Lark, and Target take out more assassins and Cassandra knocks out the person sent to watch her. Batman manages to defeat Shiva in hand to hand combat, and escapes but not before telling Cassandra that she will be the heir to the throne one day, and to prepare for future events that not even her new team could solve. Lucius tells Holly to ask out Desmond Lamarr, aware of her feelings for him. Holly texts him, and asks if they could go on a date as she walks off smiling. In the end, Bruce reunites with Barbara, telling her that giving up being the Batman was the best thing that he's ever decided to do.
  8. "Justice League Dark"- In S.T.A.R. Labs, a captured interdimensional villain from Negative Earth, Owl Man-Negative , is revealed to be a parallel universe doppelgänger of Harvey Dent. After he cruelly taunts Bruce over his attachment to Harvey, Owl Man-Negative Earth commits suicide out of loyalty to Negative Earth-X's World War lll regime. Owl Man-Negative Earth's partners, Gotham (Bruce's  doppelgänger), Ultra Woman, (Diana Prince's doppelgänger,) Ultra Man, Hawkeye, Phantom, Dark Arrow, The Hood, Sportsmaster, Deadeye, White Martian, Deathstorm, Hellcat, White Canary, Whirlwind and Kal-L AKA Overman  steal a sublight generator, the Spectrum from research company Dayton Optical Systems. When the team finds out from Naomi that there is a mystical threat opening the portals connecting Negative Earth to Earth-1 and Earth-19, Bruce says he knows a guy named John Constantine that can help them. John assembles a team called Justice League Dark, consisting of Zatanna, Etrigan, and Swamp Thing to help them fight this sorcerer. Bruce, Clark, Diana, Harold, Oliver, Roy, Sara  and the others believe that Gotham sent Klarion and Enchantress to distract the team, while Gotham  seeks to build a neutron bomb with it to aid his conquest on Earth-1. During the battle, Alfred is seriously injured by Klarion which Barbara suggests Bruce to be the Batman again. Bruce reluctantly decides to be Batman again, and joins the heroes on the next battle against the two magical villains and the soldiers.  After a series of fights, the Crime Syndicate escape and the magical duo are defeated.They later find out that an interdimensional demon named Trigon is the one opening the portals. Bruce asks The Legends to travel back in time to figure out how to stop Trigon. Just as he asks, Bruce, Clark, Ray, Sara, Mari , Roy, Mia, Connor, Jack, Stephanie, Harold, Jason, and Ronnie are transported to Negative-Earth's prison, but Diana  is moved to S.T.A.R. Labs. Bruce is determined to kill Gotham  after his capture. The villains reveal that Ultra Woman  is dying and Gotham  plans to use the Spectrum charged by S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, to produce artificial red energy that would weaken both Diana and Ultra Woman's respective invulnerability, allowing a heart transplant for Ultra Woman but killing Diana in the process.
  9. "What We've Lost"- Bruce and Barbara celebrate their renewed vows with everyone.  While they are at the annual Christmas party, Bruce starts hallucinating Lincoln but is pleased when Jason starts to interact with his friends and family more. Shortly after though Taskmaster  returns and attacks Wayne Enterprises and kills several members of the board  before a large message broadcasts on live TV, with a man disguised in the shadows calling himself "Hush", who accuses Gotham City of corruption and promising to liberate it. The Bat Family starts investigating who could be working with Taskmaster  only for the team to be kidnapped one after the other, until Batman is left by himself and Taskmaster leaves a message for Bruce inviting him to rescue his friends. With little choice Bruce agrees but knowing it’s a trap and will be outnumbered he goes to Black Cat's hideout and seeks out Selina's assistance and while she initially refuses, is persuaded upon learning Kyle is in danger. Batman and Black Cat  then heads to the location where they have all of The Bat Family captive but his real superior is the Helix leader Cayden James, who also works with the serial killer Hush. Cayden and Hush tells them that their vision for Helix is to liberate the world from the shackles of corruption and Gotham City has always been a primary source of this. However he also admires The Bat Family  for their efforts in trying to save an almost broken city and extends an invitation to join him and really save the city but Bruce refuses. As Cayden expresses disappointment and sets Taskmaster on Black Cat, Batman has a heated fight with Hush with Black Cat using her sonic meow which knocks out Taskmaster and helps Batman fight together against the enemy and free their allies. Hush decides to leave when its clear that he has lost. Afterwards, Selina however vanishes to avoid capture while the rest of The Bat Family regroup and discus what to do about Cayden, and David promises to find them and try and uncover Taskmaster and Hush's identities if possible.Later that night, Bruce embraces Barbara as he, Jason, and Barbara open their gifts and celebrate Christmas together as a family. Barbara then asks Bruce if David should get involved with helping the team, but Bruce tells her that he doesn't want him involved remembering what happened to Curtis and Thea. Unbeknownst to them however Selina is spying on them from a building afar with a look on her face of displeasure and sadness. In the end, Cayden's cabal is revealed to consist of Hush, Cayden James, Black Cat, Anatoli, Bane, Scarecrow, and Taskmaster. In Flashfowards, Bruce continues to train Jason to become a vigilante, but must reconsider his plan when a new generation of Royal Flush gang members target mayor Marion Grange. Batman, Batwing, an older Alfred, and Static take down the soldiers with them and the team successfully defeats the leader. Barbara returns to celebrate Christmas with her family and a mysterious villain only known as The Crime Doctor is revealed to have found out Bruce's secret watching him from a camera he installed from the Batcave.
  10. "Symbiotic"- A month after Bruce and Selina saved The Bat Family, the team have been searching for Hush's whereabouts. A criminal known as Basil Karlo who is secretly a Meta-Human known as Clayface (Jack Huston) causes a massive shootout with the GCPD, resulting in several lives being loss. James meets with Bruce who begins to suspect that Basil could be working for the Cabal and decides to investigate a key suspect. Meanwhile, Lucius is still retired from being Batwing but has started learning more of the ropes at A.R.G.U.S. and has begun to see things more clearly from Lena's perspective and the tough calls she has to make, but understands she doesn’t just make Waller-based choices unless she is left with no other option which has allowed them to make more amends over Cayden. However Cayden takes control of the computers at A.R.G.U.S. and appears on them accusing Lena of corruption and intents to get payback for his wrongful imprisonment. Several A.R.G.U.S. agents then turn out to be Helix spies and kill several other agents and Lena is fatally shot, but Lucius  intervenes and stops them from killing her. Lena is then taken to a hospital in Metropolis for extensive surgeries but Lucius is surprised when the next in line for director of A.R.G.U.S. is him, approved by Lena herself. Though feeling unready to take on a role like this Lucius doesn’t refuse out of respect for his wife’s wishes and reluctantly becomes the man charged with protecting the world. When Batman and his team  and the team are fighting Cayden James and Hush's cabal, they follow one of Cayden's henchmen, a man named Connor to his home, and everyone is horrified upon seeing how Bruce is brutally beating up Conner in front of his family. Cassandra, Dick, Virgil, Duke and Holly argue with Bruce on what he has done. Bruce, against Lucius, Alfred, and Barbara's wishes, goes alone to deal with Hush's cabal. Batman engages the cabal in a major fight, and manages to take down thugs. Black Cat injures Bruce with a sonic meow, which throws him back hitting the wall. The Cabal nearly kill Batman, until he escapes and throws a smoke grenade as Hush swears that he will kill him personally. Back at the Batcave, Cassandra, Dick, Virgil, Duke and Holly leave The Bat Family  to form their own team feeling that they cannot be respected and due to not agreeing with Bruce's methods. In the end, we see Thomas at his apartment where there are various dead bodies laying on the ground tied up. We then see the Hush suit in a suitcase revealing his identity to the audience.
  11. "And They Said It Wouldn't Last"- Bruce continues being the Batman while refusing to have Duke, Dick, Holly, Virgil and Cassandra help him, while Barbara and David fix Alfred's knee chip so he can start going out in the field as Outsider again, in the  process discovering that their hideout has been bugged forcing them to relocate to A.R.G.U.S. Lucius decides to form an alliance with Bruce in order to help him defeat the Cabal when a new member known as Cheshire joins their ranks. Meanwhile,  Rupert Thorne goes to meet with his childhood friend Lew Moxon. Rupert reveals to Moxon that he knows Lew has betrayed him by taking some of his money, and as per policy, Lew takes out a gun and shoots himself. After feeling really good about himself, Thorne gets haunted by strange visions and sounds of his old friend. He calls Thomas Elliot to make an illegal transfer of drugs in Gotham City across the black-market who makes him a deal. A politician decides to run for President, and asks Bruce if he'd like to work alongside him as the Vice President. Bruce later accepts the offerThomas secretly is revealed to have planted the device  to make him hallucinate Moxon. Thorne then believes that his right-hand man Freddy Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) and corrupt mayor Sebastian Hady are behind this (however, it was Cayden James' cabal). Thorne believes this since Taskmaster  handed him photos of Dreyfus having an affair with his mistress Samantha Vanaver. He goes crazy and tries to gun the two men down when Bruce is opening the Martha Wayne Foundation. Barbara persuades Bruce to let the team help him one more time, and Bruce suits up along with Alfred. Batman, Outsider, Lark, Target, Catwoman, Static Shock, and Bat-Girl arrive at the event and engage The Cabal in a major fight. David hacks into a drone, which leads everyone to safety so they can get away from the gunfire. Bat-Girl nearly gets killed by Cheshire, until Batman attacks her. Her mask falls off, revealing herself to be a very much alive Carrie Kelley. To protect everyone in the room when Hady betrays him, Thorne is forced to kill his own friend. Later, and is sent to Arkham Asylum. Virgil personally visits Thorne and decides to forgive Thorne for threatening his sick father. Dreyfus takes over Thorne's mob, however Dreyfus and Samantha are killed by Hush for adultery. Because of this Cayden James' cabal takes over the Gotham City docks that Thorne owned. 
  12. "One After The Other"- Bruce  is almost out of money to pay Cayden James. Fearing he will detonate the bomb, Victor  who infiltrated James' organization, agrees to download data that could lead the two vigilante teams to find where the bomb is located. Despite being successful in transmitting the data to Barbara, he is identified as the traitor, caught, and tortured by Anatoli. Bruce meets with Levi Stevenson so the two can get started of their campaign slogan against the other candidates. The location of the bomb is revealed, but Holly, Virgil, Cassandra, Dick and Duke decide not to follow Bruce in order to rescue Victor. Deciding that he and Alfred will need help in the field, Bruce as Batman recruits Helena Bertinelli AKA The Huntress to help him stop the Cabal. Meanwhile, a crime boss known as Steven Mandragora, ( Marvin Jones lll), meets up with Archer Braun, Slade Wilson and Athena who have been stealing from various tech companies. As Deathstroke, Slade murders the guards while Braun uses his telekinesis ability to compel a scientist to give them the money. Tracing the location from Barbara, Batman, Outsider, and The Huntress arrive at the black market site and engage the criminals. The Huntress tries to kill Mandragora, but he is able to subdue her stating that nobody could defeat him, not even a former mercenary could kill him. Outsider goes after Athena, while Batman fights Deathstroke. Bruce questions Slade on what he is doing in Gotham City, and he claims that he's trying to make extra money so he can take care of his youngest son Grant Wilson when he is able to find him. Bruce then angrily attacks him, saying that he thought that he had changed. All of a sudden, Deathstroke beats up Batman to a pulp. He then prepares to kill him until Lucius and his A.R.G.U.S agents arrive and manage kill some of the soldiers. Deathstroke, Mandragora and Athena escapes purposely allowing Archer to get caught. At an A.R.G.U.S facility, Lucius interrogates Archer on what they were initially planning but he laughs and asks about his wife, Lena. Lucius then savagely beats him up and has Helena torture him until he reveals that they plan on planning one last major heist. Helena privately talks to Bruce and says that Mandragora murdered her best friend after she got out of jail, which forced her to become The Huntress again. He empathizes with her and persuades her that killing him won't bring back her friend. Braun then commits suicide, but not before activating a bomb. Bruce, Alfred, Helena and Lucius make it out in time, as they watch half of the base explode. Lucius decides to go home since he begins to feel that ever since he accepted the position of being the director of A.R.G.U.S, he hasn't spent time with Luke in a while. But, he still provides Bruce with their location as they suit up. Killing their way through a building, Batman, The Huntress and Outsider take down the enemies with Bruce sparing Slade. Later, Alfred decides to quit the team temporarily since he wants to visit his family which upsets Bruce. While, Helena decides to stay for a while. In the end, Deathstroke personally meets with Hush which reveals that he was always a member of the Cabal. Slade then promises that he will aid him in Hush's agenda, which in In Flashforwards, The Crime Doctor ups his ante on his murders, which forces Bruce to reform the Bat Family as he goes after Crime Doctor. Batman, Batwing, and Outsider engage the soldiers while Virgil arrives to save Commissioner Grogan from being killed. Later, Crime Doctor murders his abusive step father and recruits his half brother in order to turn him into a serial killer.
  13. "Opposing Side"- James continues with his duties as deputy COO but has been struggling with the fact that Selina is still "gone" and trying to avoid drinking but has been haunted by his recently meetings with Selina, seeing how bitter and twisted she is yet seeing how she risked her life to save him. However James is caught off guard when Selina sneaks into his apartment and asks for a place to lay low, hoping he’s the one person that won’t just turn her into A.R.G.U.S., and he reluctantly agrees and she periodically visits to stay out of public view. However their time together is very tense and awkward, with her still referring to him as “dad” to annoy him. However out of curiosity asks why she became Black Cat but she only vaguely goes into detail, telling him to imagine every choice Selina made when she was Catwoman but hidden anger which guides her actions. However tensions eventually rise between over their differences but is really the two of them simply butting heads over their own losses. Eventually James feels regretful but Selina leaves before he can apologize.Meanwhile, Alfred travels to Opal City where he reveals to his ex wife and young son that he is alive, where his wife is now married. Getting emotional, Alfred has a moment with his former love and states that he couldn't go back to his family ten years ago since that would have put a target on his families back. Alfred decides to stay in town a bit longer in order to reconnect with his son. Anatoli returns to Gotham City to exploit it now that Dragon is out of the picture as has been struggling to keep the Bratva together but out of sentiment towards Bruce is reluctant to use lethal force on The Outsiders. However Bruce and his former team continually disrupt their operations which forces Anatoly to take more drastic actions and hires Slade as a mercenary. However Slade’s motives are not out of resentment nor does he hold any contempt against Bruce but he is simply trying to earn money the only way a disavowed soldier can, and many of his funds go towards his son Joe. Slade had initially tried to reach out to him but Joe was terrified of Slade and had every right to be because of what he’d done and this is the only way he can help his son. Because of his sentiment Slade also uses restraint against Bruce and is quite capable of taking him and most of Team Arrow on solo. Additionally Anatoly also discovers Black Cat and ropes her into his group but she is initially skeptical because of Dragon and Owl Man betraying her, but gives him a chance and aids him against Batman. However, Bruce is more hesitant now having seen Selina's potential but Holly is still perfectly willing to fight her though does still feel bad because of Bruce and Jame’s sentiment towards her. In Flashfowards, Bruce goes undercover reusing the identity of a criminal Matches Malone to figure out a way to dismantle the Crime Doctor's operations, but is shocked to discover that Luke is forced to work for the criminals. Bruce arrives as Batman and rescues Luke, and kills one of the lead thugs. Bruce shows Luke the Batcave, and sees Lucius' old Guardian and Batwing suits hanging up.
  14. "Sounds Of Violence"- A new serial killer known as Onomatopoeia begins targeting corrupt officials and is hired by Cayden James to murder a a former criminal who worked for Carmine Falcone. The Outsiders team go after him but he is still able to kill his target and escape. Meanwhile, Bruce is chosen to be the new Vice President for new President running mate William Monte. Bruce agrees to it feeling that he would make a better President rather than Matthew Bland ever would. With Bruce busy being at a campaign speech, he decides for Lucius to wear the Batman costume in order to throw off his suspicion since Agent Davis will be there. As Batman, Lucius works with the Outsiders when Onomatopoeia continues killing members of the Falcone Crime Family. Becoming upset by Batman and the Outsiders' interference, Cayden gives Onomatopoeia the true identity of Lark, making Onomatopoeia attack Duke in his apartment and injure his daughter. While Duke's daughter undergoes surgery in the hospital, Onomatopoeia returns to finish the job. He kills several doctors in the operating room, and after his attempt to kill Duke's child is foiled by the team. Duke begins to believe that his daughter will not make it and starts using a gun to shoot the mercenary with six bullets; two to one shoulder with one fatally pierced through his left side of his chest, one batterang from Lucius in between the first and middle knuckles of his right hand, one through his right foot, one through the palm of his right hand–none of which slows him or even impaired his manual dexterity. After being shot, Onomatopoeia jumps off the roof of the Gotham City hospital, falling seven stories. Duke, upon learning from Holly and Lucius that his daughter has survived the operation, tries to rescue Onomatopoeia only Onomatopoeia to fall to his death. After the team leaves, with Lucius wanting to spend time with Luke after all this, Agent Davis arrives in the hospital to blackmail Duke with evidence that he is Lark. Davis promises to grant Duke immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying against Bruce, whom she believes is Batman. Duke refuses at first only for Davis to threaten to use the evidence to arrest Duke and send his daughter back to the orphanage. When Duke asks Davis how she can she not care about anything heartless Davis arrogantly tells Duke that she doesn't give a damn if his daughter becomes an orphan. Duke agrees to it and Davis asks him to tell the four magic words. Duke then says them: "Bruce Wayne is Batman." Davis then smiles and tells Duke that the truth shall set him free. Duke then scowls at her and is forced to cooperate.
  15. "Turn To The Fire"- Several witnesses are called at Bruce's trial to testify about the identity of the Batman including, Lucius, Holly, Duke, Cassandra, Dick, Barbara and Virgil. Thomas coerces Duke into saying Bruce is the Batman by threatening his daughter in front of him. After Bruce takes the stand, the Batman  crashes through the skylight, revealing himself to be Harvey Dent back from the dead. Harvey testifies that he is really the Bat and is taken into custody. At Bruce's trial, Davis' superior officer Special-Agent-in-Charge Amy Rorschach (Lindsey Gort) arrives to testify on Bruce's behalf. Rorschach explains that she just got a call from the FBI management in Washington to drop the investigation against Bruce and the charges against Duke for vigilantism. Rorschach explains that vigilantism is a local matter, not federal and that Davis never had permission from the city government to investigate Bruce. Bruce is found guilty, proving the assumption that jury is in league with Hush. Bruce's lawyer motions for a judgment of acquittal and Judge Allan Welles (Gaaleen Engen) agrees to it because of the incident with Harvey Dent created reasonable doubt and the FBI's case against the Batman as well as his team has been illegal from the start. Cayden has the Red Fists kidnap Welles. Welles pleads forgiveness from Cayden since he was trying to avoid the FBI coming after them. Cayden tells Welles that his faith is not up to him to decide and Hush guns down Welles from behind, quoting Aristotle to Adrian Chase (Robert Pattinson), the man who was prosecuting Bruce, that he should treat his friends with respect. Hush then vanishes without a trace and Cayden tells Chase that Welles should not make any decisions without consulting them first. Chase is left disturbed by all this while Lucius' wife Lena is seen taking pictures of the entire situation.  When being saved from Hush's men by Lucius and Duke, he is revealed to be Christopher Chance, the Human Target. Later, Lucius wears the Batman suit again to team up with the Outsiders when Slade returns and starts massacring each of the secret service agents sent to protect Bruce. He almost defeats Bruce, until the team corner him. Holly as Catwoman uses a sonic meow which knocks him out. Taking Slade to the Outsiders base, the team discover that Hush wanted Bruce in prison so he could take over Gotham City. Hush breaks out Richard Dragon and the two break out a ton of criminals taking over the city. Batman and the Outsiders manage to take down the criminals, and Slade gets broken out. Bruce and Dick later reconcile. In Flashfowards, The Crime Doctor reveals himself and starts hunting a new patient named Konrad Klaus. Working with Selina Kyle and the GCPD, The Bat Family arrive at the location and attack them. Batman severely injures him, and thinks about killing him. However Selina tries to get Bruce to understand that he had a no kill rule, and that this will change him forever if he continues to take this route. He allows Selina to arrest him, and Bruce decides to pause being the vigilante in order to focus on himself.
  16. "Harley's Holiday"- At Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn is jubilant to receive a clean bill of mental health from her doctor, and be granted parole.  Lucius as Batman and Target , in the process of returning Death Dealer to Arkham yet again, offer their congratulations, but warn her to stay out of trouble. She declares that, starting the next day, she'll show the world just how sane she is.The next day, she is ambling down the street on roller skates, looking for all the world like a car-hop on her day off – except she's taking her two rabid pet hyenas for a walk, and passersby are scrambling to get out of her way. Thinking the problem is her outfit, Harley ducks into a department store.Inside, Bruce Wayne is reluctantly trying on clothes, with the help of Barbara Gordon who is trying to get him to look more like a politician. Harley catches sight of them and cheerfully remembers when they last met – during a hold-up by the Joker. Harley catches sight of Bruce's chin and notices a familiarity, until she identifies him as Bruce Wayne (and not Batman, to Bruce's relief), although her hyenas begin barking viciously at Bruce, obviously recognizing him as Batman. Picking out a new dress for herself, Harley buys it at the register, but rushes out before the clerk can remove the security tag. The clerk calls to the guard at the door, and he asks her to stop.Harley panics, thinking she's being arrested again, and knocks over the security guard. She rushes into the dressing room, and comes out again in her clown costume. Running outside with her hyenas, she jumps behind the wheel of Bruce's car, with Barbara in the backseat, and roars away. As she does so, Crispus Allen  swerves his car to avoid her and crashes into a hydrant, then prepares to pursue Harley. Bruce is left standing outside the store.Hearing his daughter has been kidnapped, Noah Kuttler angrily confronts Commissioner Kyle, who reassures him that Harley is just confused and scared, and doesn't intend to hurt Barbara. Noah refuses to accept this, and calls for military backup becoming The Calculator again. .Bruce deduces that Harley will go to someone who can hide her and then sneak her out of town. Sure enough, she has gone running back to Black Cat, who hasn't forgotten their last meeting.[1] However, Selina doesn't want anything to do with her stating that she works with the Bratva. Harley objects to this, saying Barbara is just a bystander, and will go free as soon as Harley is away. Selina and Harley begins to argue, and just then Bruce suits up as Batman and goes with Target to attack Selina's thugs. Harley grabs Barbara again, and jumps back into the car. Selina narrowly escapes a mauling by Harley's hyenas, and takes off after her in a truck.As they speed along the highway, Barabara asks if Harley was sincere about letting her go. Harley says yes, she's finished with crime, only she has to get out of town since no one will believe that she didn't mean to kidnap her. Touched, Barbara promises that, if she lives out the day, she'll drop all charges against Harley, and even put in a good word with the police. Harley is overjoyed, thinking her day is finally turning around – then a cannon blast narrowly misses the car, and the two women look to see The Calculator and his men charging after them in .Harley speeds away again, then halts in the middle of an intersection in the theater district, with Allen, Black Cat, and Barbara bearing down on her from three directions.There is a humongous crash, and the Batmobile arrives a second later. As the drivers get out to look at the wreckage, Harley calls from a rope above, drops Barbara into Target's arms, then takes off. As Batman takes off after her, Kuttler hugs his daughter, while Allen is about to arrest Selina, however she escapes. Up on the roof, Batman urges Harley not to throw away her hard work and her freedom. Harley attacks, ranting about the string of troubles she's had. As Batman avoids her kicks, her wild moves take her to the edge of the building, and she ends up hanging for dear life on a collapsing billboard. As it gives way, she falls, but Batman saves her. He sets her down, all the fight (and, it seems, the contents of her stomach) gone out of her.Batman and Target return her to Arkham, but Dr. Leland assures her it won't be for long: Barbara, true to her word, dropped the kidnapping charges and it should only take a little more work before Harley's ready to interact with "normal" people again.Harley asks Batman why he has been looking after her when she's been nothing but trouble to him. He says he can only sympathize with her honest desire to lead a normal life: "I had a bad day too, once". As a parting gift, he gives her the dress she bought. Ecstatic, she kisses him before returning to her cell. "Don't press your luck." Says Batman with a smile as he and Target leave.
  17. "Perseverance"-
  18. "Knightfall Part One"-
  19. "Knightfall Part Two"-
  20. "Knightfall Part Three"-
  21. "Cat-and-dog"-
  22. "If I Should Fall Behind"-
  23. "Cry For Justice"-
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