DC Electric: Shazam is a series of comics taking place on Earth-EM.


#1 - The Power of Shazam

Plot: Billy Batson was just a normal young boy until he found a cave in the forest. He went in the cave and discovered an immortal wizard from ancient Egypt, named Shazam. Shazam was too old to continue protecting the Earth, so he gave his power to Billy. Now, whenever Billy says "Shazam!", he gains the powers of Shazam. One day in Fawcett City, Billy is fighting bank robbers as Shazam, when lightning strikes. He discovers that Black Adam, a foe of the original Shazam from ancient Egypt, has come back to life, and is here to challenge the new Shazam to a battle. Shazam and Black Adam have a huge battle and in the end Shazam is saved when the wizard appears and gets Black Adam's attention. Adam charges at the wizard, when suddenly the wizard opens a portal that transports Black Adam to another dimension. The wizard collapses, revealing to Billy that he used the last of his power he had left to vanish Black Adam. The next day, Billy is in class, sitting next to his friend Freddy Freeman. They are learning about ancient Egypt, when suddenly there is a large tremor. A giant portal opens outside the school, and Billy runs off so he can investigate as Shazam. Shazam flies up to the portal when suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs him, pulling him in. Billy finds himself in an endless desert, where the wizard banished Black Adam to. Black Adam attacks Shazam, and they have another battle. Shazam summons magic lightning to strike Black Adam, weakening him. Black Adam charges at Shazam, who throws him up into the air, accidentally throwing him through the portal. Shazam flies out the portal and fights Black Adam inside the school, causing tons of damage to the building. Shazam unleashes a giant blast of energy, which weakens him significantly but manages to knock out Black Adam. Black Adam's transdimensional portal closes and Black Adam is locked up at Belle Reve, a maximum security government facility. Shazam flies away, and returns to the school as Billy Batson. His teacher asks him where he went, and he lies, saying he got scared and ran off but came back when the battle was over. Everyone laughs at Billy, embarrassing him.

Characters introduced: Billy Batson/Shazam II, Freddy Freeman, Shazam the Wizard, Black Adam

Deaths: Shazam the Wizard

#2 - Tawky Tawny