DC Electric: Justice League is a comic book taking place in Earth-EM.


#1 - World's Finest

Plot: The extraterrestrial warlord Anti-Monitor summons the heroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Black Lightning, and Zatanna to his intergalactic lair to battle his alien soldiers to prove that the Earthlings are worthy enough to not be destroyed. The heroes defeat Anti-Monitor's alien warriors, but he changes his mind and decides to destroy the Earth anyways. They attack him, and Zatanna holds him back with mystic energy as Black Lightning shocks him with lightning. Anti-Monitor falls unconscious and Superman is able to throw him off into the void of space. They use his portal to return to Earth as Superman stays behind and destroys the lair, before flying back with the rest of the team. The team meets in Gotham City, and they decide whether or not they will stay a team. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash wish to continue acting on their own, leaving Black Lightning and Zatanna behind. Black Lightning decides that he and Zatanna should move to New York City and begin their own super-team. Months later, Black Lightning moves into his new house at New York with his wife and daughters where they are met by Zatanna. Zatanna has already found a few candidates to join the team, and suddenly Firestorm enters the room.

Characters introduced: Anti-Monitor

#2 - Justice League

Plot: Black Lightning, Zatanna, and Firestorm defeat a group of criminals in New York City and decide to name themselves "The Justice League of America". Zatanna brings them to Carr's Pub, a local bar where vigilantes meet up. She introduces them to Ted Grant, former professional boxer who now operates as the crime-fighter "Wildcat", and Oliver Queen, an crime-fighting archer from Star City who uses the alias "Green Arrow". Wildcat tells them about "Deathstroke", a mysterious assassin who has been killing local politicians, and Deathstroke has threatened to attack Mayor Williams next.

Characters introduced: Ted Grant/Wildcat, Mayor Williams, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke