DC Electric: Aquaman is a comic book taking place in Earth-EM.


#1 - Throne of Atlantis

Plot: Orin, King of Atlantis, discovers his brother, Orm, is planning on unleashing a tidal wave upon the surface world. Orin confronts Orm in private but Orm is able to throw Orin into an abyss, then uses his trident to cause a rockslide that seemingly kills his brother. Orm takes over Atlantis and claims that humans killed his brother. However, at the bottom of the abyss, Orin is still alive, but unconscious. He is found by a scuba diving crew and brought to their boat. He is put in a hospital at Amnesty Bay, and is in a coma. However, when Orm's armies attack Amnesty Bay, Orin awakens. He finds his enchanted trident and goes to attack Orm. Orm and the Atlanteans retreat when the military arrive and help Orin. Orin is taken into government custody and the people of Amnesty Bay give him the name "Aquaman", welcoming him as their small town's hero.

Characters introduced: Orin/Aquaman, Orm

#2 - Shark Watch