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Welcome to the DC Comics Fanfiction Wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about Donkey Kong fanon that anyone, including you, can contribute to. Click the "Create a page" button to get started!


  • Do not edit other users' pages without their permission (unless you're correcting grammar or spelling, just please clarify that in the "Edit summary" box)
  • No NSFW content allowed
  • Do not make pages for characters that aren't part of the DC Universe
    • You can name a character after someone who isn't from DC Comics as long as they are a completely different character (for example, a character named "Spider-Man" who is a giant spider)
  • No vandalism, trolling, or spam
  • Do not plagiarize another user's work (as in copy and paste their article and claim it is yours, even if it has slight changes it's still plagiarism)
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